best selling e-liquid


Angel Dust

Rated 5.00 out of 5

- Blackcurrant, Kiwi, Grape & Citrus -

5 / 5 ⭐ (4 customer reviews)


Caribbean Queen

Rated 5.00 out of 5

- Mango, Orange, Peach & Banana Smoothie -

5 / 5 ⭐ (3 customer reviews)


Blue Gums

Rated 4.75 out of 5

- Blue Raspberry & Bubblegum -

4.75 / 5 ⭐  (8 customer reviews)



Rated 5.00 out of 5

- Mixed Berries, Aniseed, Citrus and Menthol -

5 / 5 ⭐ (6 customer reviews)


Iced Tropicade

Rated 5.00 out of 5

- Iced Tropical Drink -

5 / 5 ⭐ (16 customer reviews)


Fruit Chews

Rated 5.00 out of 5

- Strawberry Chewits -

5 / 5 ⭐ (8 customer reviews)



Rated 5.00 out of 5

- Raspberry Sour -

5 / 5 ⭐ (3 customer reviews)



Rated 5.00 out of 5

- Fruit Pastiles -

5 / 5 ⭐ (5 customer reviews)

our reviews

  • Josh Renshaw Avatar
    Josh Renshaw
    29/12/17 - Facebook

    Absolutely amazing juice at an even better price
    Ordered the brews box and...

  • Nicola Lack Avatar
    Nicola Lack
    16/05/18 - Facebook

    Amazing customer service, and love the flavours! Will be a returning custom... More

  • Jase Leggett Avatar
    Jase Leggett
    26/02/19 - Facebook

    Amazing service and flavour is amazing will be coming back again

  • Marie Bent Avatar
    Marie Bent
    01/06/19 - Facebook

    great products, and very helpful and friendly on the rare occasion I mess u... More

  • George Watson Avatar
    George Watson
    25/05/18 - Facebook

    Brilliant service from these guys! Would highly recommend to anybody, These... More

  • Rebecca Masson Avatar
    Rebecca Masson
    25/01/19 - Facebook

    Excellent service and quality of juice I can honestly say that I will be bu... More

  • Sam Dawson Avatar
    Sam Dawson
    19/01/19 - Facebook

    Lush flavours, it's the only liquid and concentrates I buy after trying all... More

  • Christopher Nunn Avatar
    Christopher Nunn
    28/05/19 - Facebook

    I can not recommend this company enough fantastic product and a Great servi... More

  • Kieran Pryce Avatar
    Kieran Pryce
    09/12/17 - Facebook

    Ordered the brews box, didn’t have to work out what I need just needed to w... More

  • Stuart Fairman Avatar
    Stuart Fairman
    25/05/18 - Facebook

    Top service and great products, keep up the good work guys

  • Lee Evans Avatar
    Lee Evans
    29/12/17 - Facebook

    Applack is out of this world!
    Cant wait to try the rest!

  • Euan Crichton Avatar
    Euan Crichton
    26/10/18 - Facebook

    Really friendly guys, the liquid is absolutely spot on, won myself a bottle... More

  • Vlad David Avatar
    Vlad David
    10/12/18 - Facebook

    What a surprise with my order this morning!!! Love those flavours!

  • Lisa Allison Avatar
    Lisa Allison
    09/01/19 - Facebook

    My order was lost and codi and the team sent me a replacement they was so k... More

  • Graham McGettigan Avatar
    Graham McGettigan
    14/05/18 - Facebook

    Absolutely top notch service from these guys. Iced Tropicade and Iced OJ ar... More

  • Leng Victor Donald Avatar
    Leng Victor Donald
    06/06/19 - Facebook

    I can honestly say these juices are the best been using them for a while no... More

  • Vincent Thornton Avatar
    Vincent Thornton
    20/07/18 - Facebook

    Shop looks great fellas good stuff and got my much needed Black Reserve

  • Kieran 'Alfie' Garrod Avatar
    Kieran 'Alfie' Garrod
    29/12/17 - Facebook

    Tried strawsome shake after 4 days and already its banging, top service and... More

  • Tony Hampton Avatar
    Tony Hampton
    30/07/18 - Facebook

    Great service start to finish, the quick brew kits are easy to use and tast... More

  • Mark Astin Avatar
    Mark Astin
    02/02/19 - Facebook

    Brilliant juices at cracking prices!👍👍 team are very responsive and welcomi... More

  • Paul Griffiths Avatar
    Paul Griffiths
    15/12/17 - Facebook

    I’m very impressed with the service and, so far, I haven’t found a flavour ... More

  • Lewis Hooper Avatar
    Lewis Hooper
    10/04/18 - Facebook

    Always a go to. The Brews Bros have loads of flavours at unbelievable price... More

  • Bill Sheehan Avatar
    Bill Sheehan
    31/05/18 - Facebook

    Thank you so very much for giving back to the vape community like you do...... More

  • Jamie Taylor Avatar
    Jamie Taylor
    12/07/18 - Facebook

    Just got my first quickbrew kit, iced tropicade is absolutely lovely, and a... More

  • Andy Chapman Avatar
    Andy Chapman
    28/07/19 - Facebook

    Great quality juices, not found a flavour I don’t like & excellent customer... More

  • Spencer Kennedy Avatar
    Spencer Kennedy
    15/03/19 - Facebook

    Excellent customer service staff are helpful and always there to help.


  • Richard Townsend Avatar
    Richard Townsend
    15/05/19 - Facebook

    Iced tropicade is amazing will definitely be trying out more brews bros sto... More

  • Ian Cross Avatar
    Ian Cross
    20/06/18 - Facebook

    Tasted a lot of juice in my time, the juice that these guys produce is exce... More

  • David Forrester Avatar
    David Forrester
    27/02/18 - Facebook

    Custard dinasty 10/10 spot on after 4 week steep.
    Iced tropicade 10/10 spot...

  • Mandy Handforth Avatar
    Mandy Handforth
    11/01/18 - Facebook

    Quick and easy ordering, great product range which is full of flavour, can ... More

  • Russell Palin Avatar
    Russell Palin
    15/05/18 - Facebook

    Been through most of the range and haven’t found a bad one yet, awesome stu... More

  • Neil Griffin Avatar
    Neil Griffin
    03/07/19 - Facebook

    absolutely loved their juices haven't really found a flavour profile that I... More

  • Charlie Ford Avatar
    Charlie Ford
    15/05/18 - Facebook

    Amazing liquid. Great staff with awesome customer service.
    One of the bes...

  • David Lord Avatar
    David Lord
    25/05/18 - Facebook

    Amazing flavours, very helpful company & community, why pay premium liquid ... More

  • Ian Marshall Avatar
    Ian Marshall
    23/02/18 - Facebook

    I can not fault The Brew Bros. Their vape liquids are out of this world, wh... More

  • Jord Ryan Avatar
    Jord Ryan
    14/12/17 - Facebook

    Will definitely keep brews bros in my rotation of juices looking forward to... More

  • Steve Davidson Avatar
    Steve Davidson
    25/05/18 - Facebook

    Amazing juice and top quality customer service. Issues sorted straight away... More

  • Jon Delaney Avatar
    Jon Delaney
    19/06/19 - Facebook

    Just taken delivery of my first order with brews bros 100 % satisfied with ... More

  • Scott Bates Avatar
    Scott Bates
    29/12/17 - Facebook

    Amazing flavoured juice amazing quick service can not fault one bit keep up... More

  • Lucas Collier Avatar
    Lucas Collier
    15/05/18 - Facebook

    Just simply amazing service and juice. Iced tropicade is the go too favouri... More

  • Alan Duddy Avatar
    Alan Duddy
    17/04/19 - Google

    Excellent service. The juice is the best around by far and the customer service is amazing too. Not found a juice I don't like yet. U guys really are ... More

  • Lee Jeffrey Avatar
    Lee Jeffrey
    06/05/19 - Google

    I have been buying quality liquids from Brews Bros for quite a while now, although I do not like every liquid they produce I do use them as my main el... More

  • Jody Williams Avatar
    Jody Williams
    17/04/19 - Google

    I got 3 starter kits and was very happy. Easy to follow instructions. Flavours are some of the best out there. I highly recommend the iced tropicade. ... More

  • Mark Brown Avatar
    Mark Brown
    17/04/19 - Google

    Fantastic company. The customer service is outstanding, if there is any issue with your order, they will do everything in their power to get it sorted... More

  • Chahra Driouche Avatar
    Chahra Driouche
    19/04/19 - Google

    Fantastic tasting E-liquid, excellent value for money and great customer service. My go to brand! If you haven’t tried their Blue Gums you are serious... More

  • Jordan Sluggett Avatar
    Jordan Sluggett
    01/05/19 - Google

    Absolutely awesome vape juice from these guys and girls. Loving the black reserve. I like to mix it with donut blues, it's heaven. Also when I had a m... More

  • JDowns533 Avatar
    22/08/19 - WooCommerce

    First off with my review big props to the guys for making this flavour as I’ve pestered Liam for age... More

  • JDowns533 Avatar
    22/08/19 - WooCommerce

    First off with my review big props to the guys for making this flavour as I’ve pestered Liam for age... More

  • sam.combe Avatar
    22/08/19 - WooCommerce

    So inagine you are sitting with a mahooosive strawberry milkshake in front of you, niw imagine next ... More

  • sam.combe Avatar
    22/08/19 - WooCommerce

    From the moment you crack open the cap, to the first smooth refreshing exhale you are in for a treat... More

  • danielg123789 Avatar
    22/08/19 - WooCommerce

    Absolutely love this juice, cant get enough of it,one of my favourites for sure.

  • danielg123789 Avatar
    22/08/19 - WooCommerce

    I didn't find the flavour that strong with this one, hint of raspberries with a sour undertone, very... More

  • danielg123789 Avatar
    22/08/19 - WooCommerce

    Nice grape juice, very cold a bit too cold, but lovely juice if you like a real cold hit

  • danielg123789 Avatar
    22/08/19 - WooCommerce

    I tried this before the 2 week steep, but it was bloody lovely, and i'm sure it will only get better... More

  • danielg123789 Avatar
    22/08/19 - WooCommerce

    Pretty nice juice, not the sort of thing i would usually like, but i was pleasantly surprised

  • johnbailey56 Avatar
    17/08/19 - WooCommerce

    Nice smooth banana flavour to this very nice . smells and taste like a popular powdered milkshake .I... More

  • John Avatar
    14/08/19 - WooCommerce

    I ordered this for a friend while ordering other liquids for myself
    I’m not a fan of apple liquids...

  • John Avatar
    14/08/19 - WooCommerce

    I’ve tried most of brews bros liquids now and this is a personal favourite
    The black currant flavou...

  • house Avatar
    09/08/19 - WooCommerce

    Been using this juice for some time and absolutely dig it. Fresh and pure OJ every time. Brews Bros ... More

  • Matt Spokes Avatar
    Matt Spokes
    29/07/19 - WooCommerce

    This juice is phenomenal. In my opinion it doesn’t need a steep. Incredible from the get go! Sweet, ... More

  • chughes Avatar
    23/07/19 - WooCommerce

    Absolutely gorgeous juice if you like raspberries you have to try this out this is definitely getti... More

  • Jamie Brewster Avatar
    Jamie Brewster
    12/07/19 - WooCommerce

    Best custard by a country mile,nothing compares to this and I've tried loads of custards. I use this... More

  • chughes Avatar
    09/07/19 - WooCommerce

    Applemizer it’s a nice apple with a fizzy background that seems to lift the apple to the front leavi... More

  • chughes Avatar
    09/07/19 - WooCommerce

    Blue gums is definitely not a shake and vape it needs a 2 week steep for the flavour to start poppin... More

  • chughes.gas Avatar
    09/07/19 - WooCommerce

    Pina koolada is a sweet pineapple with cooling what more is there to say apart from it’s probably on... More

  • kamikaze702 Avatar
    06/07/19 - WooCommerce

    the best grape slush I have tried, nice, refreshing, good blend, cant over vape this thou, a few day... More


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