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Angel Dust


- Blackcurrant, Kiwi, Grape & Citrus -

5 / 5 ⭐ (5 customer reviews)


Caribbean Queen


- Mango, Orange, Peach & Banana -

5 / 5 ⭐ (3 customer reviews)


Blue Gums


- Blue Raspberry & Bubblegum -

4.75 / 5 ⭐  (8 customer reviews)




- Berries, Aniseed, Citrus & Menthol -

5 / 5 ⭐ (6 customer reviews)


Iced Tropicade


- Iced Tropical Drink -

5 / 5 ⭐ (16 customer reviews)




- Raspberry Sour -

5 / 5 ⭐ (3 customer reviews)


Fruit Chews


- Strawberry Chewits -

5 / 5 ⭐ (8 customer reviews)




- Fruit Pastiles -

5 / 5 ⭐ (5 customer reviews)

our reviews

  • Jase Leggett Avatar
    Jase Leggett
    26/02/19 - Facebook

    Amazing service and flavour is amazing will be coming back again

  • Jord Ryan Avatar
    Jord Ryan
    14/12/17 - Facebook

    Will definitely keep brews bros in my rotation of juices looking forward to... More

  • Ian Marshall Avatar
    Ian Marshall
    23/02/18 - Facebook

    I can not fault The Brew Bros. Their vape liquids are out of this world, wh... More

  • Claire Mc Mahon Avatar
    Claire Mc Mahon
    17/09/19 - Facebook

    wow!! top notch eliquid, great prices and flavours are amazing! highly reco... More

  • Steve Davidson Avatar
    Steve Davidson
    25/05/18 - Facebook

    Amazing juice and top quality customer service. Issues sorted straight away... More

  • Nicola Lack Avatar
    Nicola Lack
    16/05/18 - Facebook

    Amazing customer service, and love the flavours! Will be a returning custom... More

  • Ian Cross Avatar
    Ian Cross
    20/06/18 - Facebook

    Tasted a lot of juice in my time, the juice that these guys produce is exce... More

  • David Forrester Avatar
    David Forrester
    27/02/18 - Facebook

    Custard dinasty 10/10 spot on after 4 week steep.
    Iced tropicade 10/10 spot...

  • Vlad David Avatar
    Vlad David
    10/12/18 - Facebook

    What a surprise with my order this morning!!! Love those flavours!

  • Mark Astin Avatar
    Mark Astin
    02/02/19 - Facebook

    Brilliant juices at cracking prices!👍👍 team are very responsive and welcomi... More

  • Lee Evans Avatar
    Lee Evans
    29/12/17 - Facebook

    Applack is out of this world!
    Cant wait to try the rest!

  • Marie Bent Avatar
    Marie Bent
    01/06/19 - Facebook

    great products, and very helpful and friendly on the rare occasion I mess u... More

  • Bill Sheehan Avatar
    Bill Sheehan
    31/05/18 - Facebook

    Thank you so very much for giving back to the vape community like you do...... More

  • George Watson Avatar
    George Watson
    25/05/18 - Facebook

    Brilliant service from these guys! Would highly recommend to anybody, These... More

  • Lewis Hooper Avatar
    Lewis Hooper
    10/04/18 - Facebook

    Always a go to. The Brews Bros have loads of flavours at unbelievable price... More

  • Andy Chapman Avatar
    Andy Chapman
    28/07/19 - Facebook

    Great quality juices, not found a flavour I don’t like & excellent customer... More

  • Leng Victor Donald Avatar
    Leng Victor Donald
    06/06/19 - Facebook

    I can honestly say these juices are the best been using them for a while no... More

  • Neil Griffin Avatar
    Neil Griffin
    03/07/19 - Facebook

    absolutely loved their juices haven't really found a flavour profile that I... More

  • Kieran 'Alfie' Garrod Avatar
    Kieran 'Alfie' Garrod
    29/12/17 - Facebook

    Tried strawsome shake after 4 days and already its banging, top service and... More

  • Russell Palin Avatar
    Russell Palin
    15/05/18 - Facebook

    Been through most of the range and haven’t found a bad one yet, awesome stu... More

  • Vincent Thornton Avatar
    Vincent Thornton
    20/07/18 - Facebook

    Shop looks great fellas good stuff and got my much needed Black Reserve

  • Richard Townsend Avatar
    Richard Townsend
    15/05/19 - Facebook

    Iced tropicade is amazing will definitely be trying out more brews bros sto... More

  • Tony Hampton Avatar
    Tony Hampton
    30/07/18 - Facebook

    Great service start to finish, the quick brew kits are easy to use and tast... More

  • Christopher Nunn Avatar
    Christopher Nunn
    28/05/19 - Facebook

    I can not recommend this company enough fantastic product and a Great servi... More

  • Sam Dawson Avatar
    Sam Dawson
    19/01/19 - Facebook

    Lush flavours, it's the only liquid and concentrates I buy after trying all... More

  • Graham McGettigan Avatar
    Graham McGettigan
    14/05/18 - Facebook

    Absolutely top notch service from these guys. Iced Tropicade and Iced OJ ar... More

  • Paul Griffiths Avatar
    Paul Griffiths
    15/12/17 - Facebook

    I’m very impressed with the service and, so far, I haven’t found a flavour ... More

  • David Lord Avatar
    David Lord
    25/05/18 - Facebook

    Amazing flavours, very helpful company & community, why pay premium liquid ... More

  • Lisa Allison Avatar
    Lisa Allison
    09/01/19 - Facebook

    My order was lost and codi and the team sent me a replacement they was so k... More

  • Scott Bates Avatar
    Scott Bates
    29/12/17 - Facebook

    Amazing flavoured juice amazing quick service can not fault one bit keep up... More

  • Charlie Ford Avatar
    Charlie Ford
    15/05/18 - Facebook

    Amazing liquid. Great staff with awesome customer service.
    One of the bes...

  • Euan Crichton Avatar
    Euan Crichton
    26/10/18 - Facebook

    Really friendly guys, the liquid is absolutely spot on, won myself a bottle... More

  • Kieran Pryce Avatar
    Kieran Pryce
    09/12/17 - Facebook

    Ordered the brews box, didn’t have to work out what I need just needed to w... More

  • Rebecca Masson Avatar
    Rebecca Masson
    25/01/19 - Facebook

    Excellent service and quality of juice I can honestly say that I will be bu... More

  • Stuart Fairman Avatar
    Stuart Fairman
    25/05/18 - Facebook

    Top service and great products, keep up the good work guys

  • Lucas Collier Avatar
    Lucas Collier
    15/05/18 - Facebook

    Just simply amazing service and juice. Iced tropicade is the go too favouri... More

  • Spencer Kennedy Avatar
    Spencer Kennedy
    15/03/19 - Facebook

    Excellent customer service staff are helpful and always there to help.


  • Josh Renshaw Avatar
    Josh Renshaw
    29/12/17 - Facebook

    Absolutely amazing juice at an even better price
    Ordered the brews box and...

  • Jamie Taylor Avatar
    Jamie Taylor
    12/07/18 - Facebook

    Just got my first quickbrew kit, iced tropicade is absolutely lovely, and a... More

  • Mandy Handforth Avatar
    Mandy Handforth
    11/01/18 - Facebook

    Quick and easy ordering, great product range which is full of flavour, can ... More

  • Jon Delaney Avatar
    Jon Delaney
    19/06/19 - Facebook

    Just taken delivery of my first order with brews bros 100 % satisfied with ... More

  • Alan Duddy Avatar
    Alan Duddy
    17/04/19 - Google

    Excellent service. The juice is the best around by far and the customer service is amazing too. Not found a juice I don't like yet. U guys really are ... More

  • Ryan Day Avatar
    Ryan Day
    17/09/19 - Google

    Fantastic juice, fantastic service, generally really nice folk. Used to order ADV, flavour boss etc but wouldn't go anywhere else now. I order monthly... More

  • Chahra Driouche Avatar
    Chahra Driouche
    19/04/19 - Google

    Fantastic tasting E-liquid, excellent value for money and great customer service. My go to brand! If you haven’t tried their Blue Gums you are serious... More

  • Pete Walton Avatar
    Pete Walton
    17/04/19 - Google

    Superb customer service, amazing selection of flavours fast delivery and amazing prices and actually really good quality juice. Would recommend anyone... More

  • Jordan Sluggett Avatar
    Jordan Sluggett
    01/05/19 - Google

    Absolutely awesome vape juice from these guys and girls. Loving the black reserve. I like to mix it with donut blues, it's heaven. Also when I had a m... More

  • Yannis Valkaniotis Avatar
    Yannis Valkaniotis
    13/09/19 - Google

    The juices are amazing and top quality! Truly amazing, but the customer service is out of this world! Solves every issue/question within minutes I wou... More

  • Brian Hinton Avatar
    Brian Hinton
    17/09/19 - Google

    Perfect flavours everytime. Great customer service which is rare these days. I honestly couldn't see myself buying from anywhere else in the future.

  • Jody Williams Avatar
    Jody Williams
    17/04/19 - Google

    I got 3 starter kits and was very happy. Easy to follow instructions. Flavours are some of the best out there. I highly recommend the iced tropicade. ... More

  • Mark Brown Avatar
    Mark Brown
    17/04/19 - Google

    Fantastic company. The customer service is outstanding, if there is any issue with your order, they will do everything in their power to get it sorted... More

  • Dan Manley Avatar
    Dan Manley
    06/09/19 - Google

    Have used Brew Bros for the last 12 months or so now, and they have been absolutely faultless.

    Not only do they offer amazing quality and great tasti...

  • Lee Jeffrey Avatar
    Lee Jeffrey
    06/05/19 - Google

    I have been buying quality liquids from Brews Bros for quite a while now, although I do not like every liquid they produce I do use them as my main el... More

  • Maria Radeva Avatar
    Maria Radeva
    17/09/19 - Google

    The Brews Bros offers everything a customer needs - Great service, great flavours at super prices and fast shipping.You are the best guys!
    kind regar...

  • Lord Barrington Avatar
    Lord Barrington
    24/08/19 - WooCommerce

    Well, having been on a quest for a decent blackcurrant menthol that doesnt taste like cheap ass coig... More

    Dragons Glass Image

    Dragons Glass

  • Lord Barrington Avatar
    Lord Barrington
    24/08/19 - WooCommerce

    Having spent years searching, trying and tasting many a blackcurrant menthol juice I'd given up hope... More

    Dragons Glass Image

    Dragons Glass

  • JDowns533 Avatar
    22/08/19 - WooCommerce

    First off with my review big props to the guys for making this flavour as I’ve pestered Liam for age... More

    Kryptonite Image


  • JDowns533 Avatar
    22/08/19 - WooCommerce

    First off with my review big props to the guys for making this flavour as I’ve pestered Liam for age... More

    Kryptonite Image


  • sam.combe Avatar
    22/08/19 - WooCommerce

    So inagine you are sitting with a mahooosive strawberry milkshake in front of you, niw imagine next ... More

    Strawbiscuit Split Image

    Strawbiscuit Split

  • sam.combe Avatar
    22/08/19 - WooCommerce

    From the moment you crack open the cap, to the first smooth refreshing exhale you are in for a treat... More

    Dragons Glass Image

    Dragons Glass

  • danielg123789 Avatar
    22/08/19 - WooCommerce

    Absolutely love this juice, cant get enough of it,one of my favourites for sure.

    Caribbean Queen Image

    Caribbean Queen

  • danielg123789 Avatar
    22/08/19 - WooCommerce

    I didn't find the flavour that strong with this one, hint of raspberries with a sour undertone, very... More

    Atomic Image


  • danielg123789 Avatar
    22/08/19 - WooCommerce

    Nice grape juice, very cold a bit too cold, but lovely juice if you like a real cold hit

    Iced Gush Image

    Iced Gush

  • danielg123789 Avatar
    22/08/19 - WooCommerce

    I tried this before the 2 week steep, but it was bloody lovely, and i'm sure it will only get better... More

    Black Jeck Image

    Black Jeck

  • danielg123789 Avatar
    22/08/19 - WooCommerce

    Pretty nice juice, not the sort of thing i would usually like, but i was pleasantly surprised

    Angel Dust Image

    Angel Dust

  • johnbailey56 Avatar
    17/08/19 - WooCommerce

    Nice smooth banana flavour to this very nice . smells and taste like a popular powdered milkshake .I... More

    Kryptonite by The Brews Bros Image

    Kryptonite by The Brews Bros

  • John Avatar
    14/08/19 - WooCommerce

    I ordered this for a friend while ordering other liquids for myself
    I’m not a fan of apple liquids...

    Applack by The Brews Bros Image

    Applack by The Brews Bros

  • John Avatar
    14/08/19 - WooCommerce

    I’ve tried most of brews bros liquids now and this is a personal favourite
    The black currant flavou...

    Angel Dust by The Brews Bros Image

    Angel Dust by The Brews Bros

  • house Avatar
    09/08/19 - WooCommerce

    Been using this juice for some time and absolutely dig it. Fresh and pure OJ every time. Brews Bros ... More

    Iced OJ by The Brews Bros Image

    Iced OJ by The Brews Bros

  • Matt Spokes Avatar
    Matt Spokes
    29/07/19 - WooCommerce

    This juice is phenomenal. In my opinion it doesn’t need a steep. Incredible from the get go! Sweet, ... More

    Atomic by The Brews Bros Image

    Atomic by The Brews Bros

  • chughes Avatar
    23/07/19 - WooCommerce

    Absolutely gorgeous juice if you like raspberries you have to try this out this is definitely getti... More

    Atomic by The Brews Bros Image

    Atomic by The Brews Bros

  • Jamie Brewster Avatar
    Jamie Brewster
    12/07/19 - WooCommerce

    Best custard by a country mile,nothing compares to this and I've tried loads of custards. I use this... More

    Custard Dynasty by The Brews Bros Image

    Custard Dynasty by The Brews Bros

  • chughes Avatar
    09/07/19 - WooCommerce

    Applemizer it’s a nice apple with a fizzy background that seems to lift the apple to the front leavi... More

    Applemizer by The Brews Bros Image

    Applemizer by The Brews Bros

  • chughes Avatar
    09/07/19 - WooCommerce

    Blue gums is definitely not a shake and vape it needs a 2 week steep for the flavour to start poppin... More

    Blue Gums by The Brews Bros Image

    Blue Gums by The Brews Bros


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